Due to continuous improvement of prosthetic products and services offered, Everall7 creates modern solutions for dental and technical laboratories both in Poland and abroad. Years of experience, close cooperation with dental technicians and knowledge of the market allow us to present high-quality prosthetic restorations, guaranteeing patients an enhancing quality of life and safety.
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The prosthetic products in our offer have been created by an experienced team of our company’s professionals as a response to the needs of dental technicians.

Dental acrylics


Dental stones


Explore Villacryl Thermo Press

Thermoplastic material for dentures

Explore Villacryl Thermo Press

The highest quality microcrystalline material based on polyamide ensures perfect fit of the dentures, colour stability and easy processing guaranteeing a perfectly smooth and shiny surface of the dentures.

Villacryl Thermo Press is suitable for all detachable dentures, such as full dentures, partial dentures, micro dentures, as well as retention elements in frame dentures, relaxation splints and space maintainers.

Explore Villacryl Thermo Press

Thermoplastic material for dentures

Villacryl Thermo Press 250 g

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