DentaVision resins are dedicated to the 3D printing of dental models, including:

  • Diagnostic models
  • Orthodontic models
  • Models for impression trays
  • Working models
  • Implant models
  • Demonstrative models
  • Models for thermoformable trays

Appropriately chosen resin colors enhance detail visibility, and low viscosity ensures compatibility with open systems of 385/405 nm printers.


  • Compatibility with open systems of 385/405 nm printers
  • Excellent reproduction of details
  • Color stability
  • Dimensional stability after post-curing
  • Low viscosity
  • High durability

Technical Data


Flexural Strength

90 +/- 5% MPa

Elastic Modulus

2600 +/- 5% MPa


200 +/- 5% cPs


1,15-1,18 g/cm3



Compatible with open system materials of 385/405 nm printers, including:

  • Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K, Sonic Mini 8K, Sonic Mighty 4K, and others…
  • Anycubic Photon 4K, Mono X6K, and others…
  • ASIGA MAX385

Available packaging

200 g Beige
200 g Grey
1 kg Beige
1 kg Grey
Commodity Indices
DV100B200 DENTA VISION Form & Model
DV100G200 DENTA VISION Form & Model
DV100B1 DENTA VISION Form & Model
DV100G1 DENTA VISION Form & Model

Files to download

Brochure DentaVision

MSDS of DentaVision

3D printers profiles