Villacryl H Rapid FN


Villacryl H Rapid FN is acrylic material for rapid thermal polymerization that has been specially prepared to accelerate the technological process in the dental and technical laboratories. Using it supports making plates of removable full and partial dentures as well as indirect relining of dentures. Fast polymerization shortens the process time by up to half.

• Heavy metals free
• Biologically neutral
• Villacryl H Rapid comes in 3 shades of colors: transparent (0), milky pink veined (V2), pink veined (V4)
• Villacryl H Rapid FN: pink veined (V4)


• Saves approximately 60 minutes in denture preparation time
• Plastic consistency of the acrylic mass during stuffing in a polymerization can

Technical data

* According to the standard: ISO 20795-1:2013 Dentistry — Base polymers — Part 1: Denture base polymers.

Mixing ratio

23 g powder / 10 g (10,5 ml) liquid

Dough time

8-10 min. (in temp. 23 °C)

Working time

20 min. (in temp. 23 °C)

Polymerization time

10 min. – 80°C→100°C
20 min. – 100 °C
20 min. – air cooling

Flexural strength

> 65* MPa


< 1,6* µg/mm3


< 32* µg/mm3


Pink veined (V4)

Available packages

V260V4Z01 V4: 750 g + 400 ml
V260L01: 400 ml

Files to download

Instructions for use
Characteristics of VILLACRYL H RAPID FN liquid
Characteristics of VILLACRYL H RAPID FN powder
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