4Shine polishing paste


4Shine polishing paste, prepared according to a new formula, is available in three variants: acrylic, thermoplastic and metal, which Allowi it to be perfectly matched to various types of materials from which dentures are made.

The Best results are obtained using the entire 4Shine system.

Thanks to pre-treatment with 4Shine cutters, pre-polishing with 4Shine polishing powders and final polishing with 4Shine Polishing paste, it will obtain an extremely smooth surface and a mirror-like denture shine.

• Varied gradation of polishing and polishing agents
• Specially selected binding agent
• Designed for all types of thermoplastics, acrylic materials and metal alloys


• Mirror shine of the polished surface
• Good adhesion and easy cleaning of paste residues from the polished surface
• Highly efficient material

Available packages

4Shine Polishing paste
4Shine Polishing paste ACRYLIC 250g
4Shine Polishing paste METAL 250g
4Shine Polishing paste THERMOPLASTIC 250g

Files to download

Brochure of 4shine line


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