Denture Cleaner


Denture Cleaner – product for professional and comprehensive cleaning of all types of removable dentures.

Denture Cleaner powder – due to its cleaning properties, it effectively removes discoloration caused by consumed food or smoking nicotine.

The Denture Cleaner liquid – effectively dissolves tartar and eliminates unpleasant odors.

• Removes tartar
• Neutralizes unpleasant odors
• Eliminates residues and raids

• Removes discoloration resulting from food consumption and smoking nicotine
• Cleans the denture giving a whitening effect


• Fast acting
• Does not deform the material from which the denture is made

Technical data


Mixing ratio – powder

5 g : 200 ml

Mixing ratio – fluid

01 : 01

Available packages

TP300: 150 g
TP301: 500 ml

Files to download

Characteristics of DENTURE CLEANER powder

Characteristics of DENTURE CLEANER liquid

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