Stodent IV Base


Stodent IV Base is a type 4 dental die stone recommended for the foundations of model with removable die for crowns and bridges. It does not require the use of a vibrating table.

• Color: terracotta red


• Excellent fluidity
• Optimized expansion, compatible with expansion of the stone from which the dental arch is made

Technical data

* According to the standard: ISO 6873:2013 Dentistry — Gypsum Products.

Mixing ratio

24 ml / 100 g

Mixing time (in a vacuum)

30 s

Manual mixing time

60 s

Setting time

8-12 min.

Compressive strength (after 1hr)

> 35* MPa

Linear expansion (after 2 hrs*)

max. 0.10% [< 0.15*%]

Linear expansion (after 24 hrs*)

< 0.18* %


Terracotta red

Available packages

Terracotta red
G4C03: 3 kg
G4C06: 6 kg
G4C25: 25 kg
Four Pack
G4C20: 4x5 kg

Files to download

Instructions for use
Characteristics of STODENT IV BASE

Brochure STODENT

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