Villacryl Hard


Cold-cured acrylic material intended for temporary relining of dentures directly in the patient’s mouth.

• Color: pink
• Low polymerization temperature in the patient’s mouth


• Convenient for use in a dentist’s office
• Easy to prepare and process
• Enables quick denture relining
• Bonds well with the denture plate
• Provides the patient comfort of using the denture
• Heavy metals free
• Biologically neutral

Technical Data


Mixing ratio

2,35 g powder / 1,5 ml (1,3 g) liquid

Working time

90 s

Polymerization process

in the patient’s mouth 2 min.

Polymerization time

30 min. – 50-60 °C with the addition of
a hardener: 2 g / 200 ml

Surface hardness

72 Shore’D

Available packages

V190Z02 60 g + 40 ml + 10 ml

Files to download

Instructions for use

Characteristics of VILLACRYL HARD liquid

Characteristics of VILLACRYL HARD powder


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