Villacryl Ortho


Villacryl Ortho a colorless acrylic material for low-temperature pressure polymerization intended for the fabrication of removable orthodontic appliances by pouring powder on the model and soaking with monomer (“salt and pepper” method) and for repairing orthodontic appliances.

• Possibility of individual creation of a color of any saturation
• Economical, just add dye to get a variety of colors
• Low absorption of fluids from the oral cavity
• Biologically neutral


• Thanks to the quick gelation, the mass does not run off the plaster model
• Perfect transparency of the acrylic mass
• Easy to prepare and process

Technical Data

* According to the standard: ISO 20795-2:2013 Dentistry — Base Polymers — Part 2: Orthodontic Base Polymers.

Polymerization time

20 min.
50-60 °C
2 bar

Flexural strength

> 50* MPa


< 5* µg/mm3


< 32* µg/mm3


Transparent (0)

Available packages

V160Z01: 500 g + 250 ml + 3x12 ml
V1600P07: 500 g V1600P05: 2 kg V1600P06: 4 kg
V160L03: 250 ml
V160L04: 500 ml
V160L02: 1 l

Files to download

Instructions for use download
Characteristics of VILLACRYL ORTHO liquid download
Characteristics of VILLACRYL ORTHO powder

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