Villacryl Ortho colour concentrates


Color concentrates for Villacryl Ortho allow you to get any color of the orthodontic appliance.

• Comes in 8 colors, giving the possibility of creating intermediate colors


• Possible to individually create color of any saturation
• Provides the patient with comfort of use
• Devices made with Villacryl Ortho, with the use of various color concentrates, have high aesthetic value and color stability

Available packages and colours

V1809P08: blue 50 ml
V1808P07: bright green 50 ml
V1807P06: dark green 50 ml
V1806P05: purple 50 ml
V1805P04: raspberry 50 ml
V1804P03: red 50 ml
V1803P02: orange 50 ml
V1802P01: yellow 50 ml

Files to download

Instructions for use

Characteristics of Colour concentrates for VILLACRYL ORTHO

Brochure for Villacryl


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